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Product and Service Flow for YMS Network :

Choose a Plan: The first step in the product and service flow is for the customer to use the contact us form, or call us to share the requirement to our represntative, and represntative will share few plans as per customer's requirement, customer will select a plan that fits their needs.

Check Availability: After finalizing the plan, we will check the availability in their area.

Sign Up: If the plan is available, the customer can sign up for the service through offine customer agreement form this includes entering the customer's personal information, billing information, and any other necessary details.

Schedule Installation: Once the Customer agreement form process is complete, the customer should be able to schedule an installation appointment.

Installation: On the day of the installation, a technician will arrive at the customer's home or business to set up the service.

Set Up Equipment: After the installation is complete, the customer will need to set up any necessary equipment, such as a modem or router.

Enjoy the Service: Once the equipment is set up, the customer can start using the internet service.

Manage Account: Customers should be able to manage their account through the website, including viewing their bill, making payments, and updating their personal information. The website should provide a simple and secure account management portal.

Upgrade or Cancel: Customers have the option to upgrade their service or cancel their account through the website.